1. Registered guests are the only occupants allowed in the guest room.

2. Gambling, drugs, and weapons prohibited by law.

3. Pets or animals are not allowed on the hotel premises.

4. Equipment and electrical devices (other than laptop, mobile phone charger, electric shaver, iPad, game console) are prohibited.

5. No cooking of any kind allowed in the guest room.

6. Delivery Food and Beverage services (from outside the hotel) are not allowed on the premises.

7. Durian, jack-fruit, incense, candles and other items emanating strong or foreign odors are prohibited. 8. Guests are fully responsible for any damages to the hotel room furnishings. Willful damage of hotel property will be automatically charged to your account.

9. Bed Mattresses may not be separated and placed on the floor as an extra bed, charge will be applied. 10. Safe deposit box is provided free of charge. Kindly place all valuables in it at all times as the Hotel Management is not responsible for any loss of valuables.

11. The hotel shall reserve the right to evict any guest for failing to comply or who are in violation of any of the above regulations.

12. The hotel shall retain the right to retain personal possessions of evicted guests as security for outstanding room charges.

13. The hotel may not be held liable for harm to guests caused by the criminal act of others.

14 Smoking is prohibited by law on the hotel premises except for several designated areas.

15. Lost or unreturned room key upon checkout will be charged Rp. 50.000,-

16. By Signed the "Guests Registrations Card" agreed with the Rules & Regulation mentioned.